We honor the ancestral territories of the Numa, the Newe, the Nuwuvi, and the Wa She Shu and their stewardship as the first caretakers of these lands and waterways…

Nevada Tribes Legislative Day

February 14, 2023 – In recognition of the contributions American Indians have made to the prosperity and cultural diversity of Nevada and the United States.

Preserving the Past & protecting our Future

Nevada’s Indian Commission supports efforts to preserve Native culture by encouraging traditional Native arts and cultural resources

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“Because we live, play and work on the ancestral homelands of the Numa, the Newe, the Nuwuvi, and the Wa She Shu who have lived in the Great Basin since time began, we hold the deepest respect and gratitude to our four major Indigenous groups; the Northern Paiute, the Shoshone, the Southern Paiute, and the Washoe–not just the original caretakers of the land we now call Nevada–for their enduring stewardship and protection of our shared lands and waterways. Today, the Nevada Indian Commission reaffirms its commitment to improve the quality of life for our 28 Tribal Nations, Bands, Colonies, and the 62,000-plus Urban Indians who chose to make Nevada their current home.”

– Kostan Lathouris | Chairman of the Nevada Indian Commission

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