BDR 40-22 – In Honor of Native American Heritage Month

To celebrate Native American Heritage Month, we are sharing all the favorable outcomes of the 82nd Legislative Session.

As all our relatives become more engaged in civic matters, please know that the bill which “Revises the membership of the Committee on Emergency Medical Services,” is now a law. (BDR 40-22) Existing law establishes the Committee on Emergency Medical Services and requires the Committee to review and advise the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services on matters related to emergency medical services. (NRS 450B.151, 450B.153)

This bill adds to the Committee:
1) one member who is employed by or serves as a volunteer with a local governmental agency that provides emergency medical services but which is not a part of firefighting agency or law enforcement agency; and

2) one member who is employed by or volunteers with an agency, organization, or other operator that provides emergency medical services on Tribal land.

The NEVADA INDIAN COMMISSION (NIC) is a State agency created by statute in 1965 to “study matters affecting the social and economic welfare and well-being of American Indians residing in Nevada, including but not limited to matters and problems relating to Indian affairs and to federal and state control, responsibility, policy, and operations affecting such Indians.”  Beginning on July 1, 2024, our agency will be known as the Department of Native American Affairs (DNA).         

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