Celebrating Native American Heritage Month by the Numbers

Photo curtesy of Sarina Nez

There is a myth out there about the status of the first people of North America.  The myth is the idea that nearly all indigenous people were wiped out in the early 1800s.  This myth can be  found everywhere from school text books to Hollywood movies. It has marginalized our people, and pushed our culture aside. Now for the good news. Numbers do not lie. Thanks to everyone who participated in latest Census poll, we can now bust this myth.

Four Facts to know

1. The total population of American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) origin is now at 7.2 million

2. Alaska (20.5%) has the highest percentage of AIAN residents in 2021, followed by Oklahoma (14.4%)

3. There are 546 federally recognized Indian tribes as of 2022

4. The American Indian and Alaska Native population alone or in combination with other race groups is projected to be 10.1 million on July 1, 2060

We are here, we’ve always been here, and we are getting stronger by the year.

To learn what more the Census can show us, click the link .