Commission Seeking Public Input on Draft Consultation Policy

Draft AB 264 Policy

In an attempt to get far ranging views and feedback, the Nevada Indian Commission is seeking public input on the Nevada State-Tribal Collaboration policy in conjunction with Nevada Assembly Bill 264 / NRS Chapter 233A.

Passed by the Nevada Legislature in 2019, the Nevada Indian Commission has been charged with developing and implementing a policy that:

(a)   Promotes effective communication and collaboration between a state agency and Tribal Nations;
(b)   Promotes positive government-to-government-relations between this State and Tribal Nations;
(c)   Promotes cultural competency in providing effective services to Tribal Nations; and
(d)   Establishes a method for notifying employees of a state agency of some of the provisions of this act,
and the policy, including mandatory training.

Further, and most pressing, this law requires the Nevada India Commission to consult with representatives of our 27 Tribal Nations, Bands and Colonies, along with Nevada state agencies and partners to develop this important policy.

“By sharing this draft policy written by a Native American attorney with close ties to the Nevada Indian Commission, we hope that numerous Indigenous experts will provide their insight on this important process,” said Stacey Montooth, executive director of the Nevada Indian Commission.  “Our elders and Native American professionals have a unique perspective on how our communities and Tribal Nations operate, and we want to incorporate that awareness into our written policy.”

The Nevada Indian Commission is requesting a returned marked up copy and/or written comments and suggestions on how to strengthen this initial attempt to pen our written AB264 policy. Should the public prefer to provide your feedback verbally, please contact the NIC during regular business hours (775) 687-7603 and staff will transcribe your response to our draft.

Moreover, questions about this process, should be sent to: