Native American Heritage Month Spotlight Graham Greene


This month, in celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we will be highlighting some of the many remarkable contributors to Indian country. In no way is this list comprehensive or extensive. For the next few weeks we will present a brief biography a day.

Graham Green, Academy Award nominated actor.

Graham Green, a member of the Canadian Oneida tribe started his acting career by attending the Centre for Indigenous Theatre’s Native Theatre School”. After graduating in 1974, he started landing small roles in television, film and radio. He moved to London to work on stage for a few years.

Graham is widely known for his role of “Kicking Bird” in Dance’s with Wolves. Graham earned world wide attention and An Academy Award nomination.

In 1992, he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles, one of the nation’s pre-eminent museums dedicated to the culture of Native Americans.

Follow us as we continue to spotlight remarkable contributors to Indian Country, and please let us know which Native Americans have shaped your community or positively impacted the great State of Nevada.