Native American Heritage Month Spotlight John Dressler

This month, in celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we highlighted some of the many remarkable contributors to Indian country. In no way was this list comprehensive or extensive. We enjoyed bringing you this list. We learned about some very impressive people and were inspired by their stories. We hope you were too. Today’s last highlight is…

John Dressler (1916-1970) Washoe statesman and early proponent of holding on to Indian Ways,

John had fond memories of his grandfather’s homestead ranch. Though his family held on to their traditional ways, they also prepared John to enter the non-Indian economy and to compete in it. John entered Stewart Indian School in 1922 and graduated in 1935.

John was employed by the Southern Pacific Railroad and quickly gained a reputation as being able to work with others. He was a skilled Union negotiator which enabled him to work on behalf of the Washoe Tribe.

In the 1960s, John Henry Dressler was instrumental in the formation of the Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada, a liaison between tribal, state, and federal agencies and the Nevada Indian Affairs Commission, later known as Nevada Indian Commission.

John is remembered for his hard work for his people and in bringing Nevada tribes together.