Native American Heritage Month Spotlight on our Native Military Veterans

WWI Stewart Alumni Left to Right -standing-Roma-James-Cleveland-Cypher-Harvey-Leseur-l-to-r-kneeling-Manuel-Cordova-Chauncey-Cheney-Hasting-Pancho-Sitting-Cubit-Rhoade

Today marks Veterans Day. On this sacred occasion the Nevada Indian Commission would like to honor all our Native military heroes; to thank the men and woman of uniform who risk their lives defending ours.

American Indians serve in the armed forces at a higher rate than any other demographic. 13,000 Natives enlisted in WWI alone. Dewey Sampson, Avery Alec, Jackson Snooks, Roma James, and John Hicks were just a few of Nevada’s enlisted.

Since 9/11, nearly 19 percent of Native Americans have served in the armed forces, compared to an average of 14 percent of all other ethnicities.

Among the 573 federally recognized tribes, each with their own cultures, traditions, belief systems, and stances on war, military service remains remarkably consistent. No matter the conflict, American Indian men and women continue to risk their lives for the very government that once tried to eradicate their way of life. As one Native Veteran said, “This land is our home and we will always defend its security”. Yet this large patriotic demographic remains relatively unknown to the general population.

Thankfully, American’s least talked about heroes are starting to become recognized and honored. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian is opening the National Native American Veterans Memorial, today November 11,2020.  This will be the first landmark of its kind in our Nation’s capital. Click on the link above to view a virtual program honoring the service and sacrifice of Native veterans and their families.

The Warrior Tradition  

This clip is from “The Warrior Tradition”. You can rent it on Amazon or purchase the DVD from PBS. It is a beautiful but largely un-told story of Native American military service.

We ask that everyone take a moment and join us to thank Nevada’s brave Native men and women for putting their lives on the line each and every day.


From the Nevada Indian Commission,


Thank you for your service!