University of Nevada Reno, Kari Emm

With November being Native American Heritage Month, Kari Emm, a proud member of the Yerington Paiute Tribe, wants us to remember, “We are still here! We are strong, invincible and know how to persevere.” So, it is without question Kari Emm is passionate about her connection to and work with American Indian/Alaska Native students.

Emm successfully defended her dissertation titled “American Indian/Alaska Native Transfer Student Experiences into a Four-Year University”. The doctoral degree in Equity and Diversity aims to prepare candidates to be change agents and make an impact through education and research.


Emm is a specialist for the Tribal Student Program in the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources. In this position, she recruits students as well as coordinates scholarships, internships and job opportunities. Additionally, Emm coordinates college preparatory camps and takes students to conferences to work on developing their professional identity. She also prepares students for life after graduation as she works to place them in the food and agriculture industry or onto graduate school.

With the support of her university, colleagues, community, and family, including her five-year- old son, Emm will continue to change the lives of American Indian/Alaska Native transfer students at the University. Soon, with a doctorate in Equity and Diversity, her research and passion will serve many in the community and beyond.

Taken from Nevada Today article, “Faces of the Pack: Kari A. Emm